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YallaCase Achieved 97% Customers Satisfaction in Dubai United Arab Emirate

Jan 23

How  YallaCase Acheived phenomenal 97% Customers Satisfaction in Dubai United Arab Emirates?

YallaCase is the leading e-commerce website for selling international brands such Pitaka Cases MagEZ, Arc Pulse Titanium iPhone Cases, Nothing Ear 1 Wireless Earbuds, Lamothe Paris Luxury Leather Cases, Ringke and ESR Gear.

It also provides fast, reliable, and cost-effective logistics services.

The company’s market goal is to provide an innovative way for all customers to buy their favorite brands from anywhere in the globe.

YallaCase has achieved 97% customer satisfaction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and they are now ready to expand internationally.

Luxury Leather Cases iPhone 12 Lagos YallaCase Dubai
Luxury Leather Cases iPhone 12 Pro Max YallaCase Dubai


Despite the booming e-commerce industry in Dubai, there still exists a high level of distrust when consumers want to make online purchases for high-value goods such as luxury goods and electronics.

Consumers typically stay away from these goods and this has restricted the growth of the e-commerce industry.

YallaCase has experienced a major change in consumer attitudes since it launched its new service called YallaDiscounts which offers discounts on everyday items such as Pitaka Cover Cases MagEZ and Luxury Leather Cases Lamothe Paris through buying group deals, flash sales and rebates off specific items.

These can be accessed through facebook messenger or Instagram Profile of YallaCase

The YallaCase sells new smart phone cases that are manufactured in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

They have been shaking the market with its innovative functions.

The product improves the user experience with its variety of functions.

Most importantly, it has a new artificial intelligence system that interacts with the customer to provide a responsive interactive chat during purchase process.

This not only creates a better customer experience, but also provides a better marketing strategy for retailers and marketers seeking to reach their target audience.

The company has been getting rave reviews from customers and has been quoted by Khaleej Time magazine to be one of the "Best Innovations Enhancing the Customer Experience in 2022".

As well as this, they have opened up an AI innovation lab in Dubai to lead their AI innovations and research.

This is just one way how this company is reaching out into the global market when it comes to AI and how they are still leading in innovation in this area.