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Ceramic Light Pull Handle for your home

Oct 29

An Introduction into Ceramic Light Pull Handle for your house

Ceramic light pulls are the easiest way to change the look of your home. Beautiful and creative! Add color and elegance to your home with these beautiful ceramic bathroom light pulls. Complete with a beautiful rope chain.

Old Tupton Ware Light Pull


These unique ceramic bathroom light pulls are an ideal addition to any bathroom. Attractive and eye catching. These decorative light pulls are designed with a one piece construction, so no exposed screws or nails. These pulls are approximately 20-22 inches in length.


Hand crafted from one piece of ceramic porcelain, these one-of-a-kind pull-outs are guaranteed to give your bathroom a luxurious classic look. Available in a variety of hand painted finishes, you will find these beautifully painted ceramic light pulls are the perfect addition to any bathroom. Most of these ceramic pulls are approximately one-half to one-third the width of the door. These one-of-a-kind bathroom light pulls are available with a pre-sealed nylon cord.

The rope style of the cord provides a soft and inviting glow when used with our porcelain bathroom light pulls. These one-inch long nylon cables have been pre-sealed for safety. To help prevent dirt, hair, and oil build-up, the pre-sealed nylon cord is covered in an attractive plating that prevents discoloration. Most rope style light pulls have a rubber safety foot attached, which makes it safe to place inside a cabinet or pantry.


If you love the look of an antique porcelain pull-out, but want the convenience and ease of use of modern ceramic bathroom light pulls, the suggested style for you is the one-inch antique pull-out. An accurate quote of estimated delivery date would be approximately four to six weeks. With a three-inch antique pull-out, most of our customers receive their units within one week. There are other slightly more expensive models available on the market if you desire an antique style bathroom light pull.


We carry only the finest materials, including 100% Ceramic Plastic, High Density Fiber Ceramic and White Porcelain. All of our bathroom light pulls are designed with an aesthetic in mind that will enhance your bathroom. Our wide assortment of Porcelain Bathroom Pulls, including rope styles, will work well with the style of your bathroom. These beautiful bathroom accessories are sure to bring your bathroom to life.

What to consider when choosing a new Light Pull

When choosing bathroom light pulls, there are a few things to consider before you choose your ceramic pull-out pull. First, it is very important to choose the style of bathroom pull-out fixture that you prefer over the style of the pull itself. For example, if you are using a Victorian bathtub, do not purchase a contemporary pull-out fixture because the bathtub may be too contemporary.

Also, the material of the bathroom light pulls is an important decision that must be made prior to purchasing them. Most commonly, bathroom light pulls are selected based on the bathroom decor. However, a great variety of materials are available, including brass, iron, copper, pewter, gold, silver, and glass. Your final choice will depend on your personal preference, as well as the decor of your bathroom. We have a large selection of elegant bathroom light pulls, ranging in size, color, design, and material to match any decorating scheme.

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