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Where to buy Traditional Ceramic Porcelain Bathroom Light Switch Pull Cord

Sep 1

Update your lighting with simple and beautiful ceramic light pulls. Give these hand-decorated pulls a truly unique look with a unique design. Also, add some elegance to your kitchen and home with the Floral Light Pulls. The design of the pull is inspired by late-19th-century Florian Ware, a term coined by English potter and designer William Moorcroft to describe his work.

Traditional Ceramic Porcelain Bathroom Light Switch Pull Cord 

This charming Ceramic light pull will bring your lighting design to a whole new level. The hand-decoration of this ceramic light pull will look great in your bathroom, foyer, entryway, or dining room. A visual style inspired by the late-19th century Florian Ware, the name of Moorcroft's ceramics line, this earthenware piece is sure to add the perfect finishing touch to any home décor.

Heres a Youtube Video of the Light Pulls for sale spinning and displaying the Light Pull details closeup

Where to buy a Ceramic Light Pull?

Bringing beauty to your lighting is easier than ever with our range of Earthenware and Porcelain light pull. This smart hand-decorated earthenware pull are tube lined with clay and hand painted with bright and vibrant colours.  The production of each Pull takes a lengthy process of firing in kilns three times between each process.  Glazing is the final step to finishing the Light pull ready for sale.

Floral Decorations make these products an ideal gift for Mums and Grandmas

They stand out in any room of your home that requires a light pull with a flower design.  Pick your mum's favourite flower whether she loves Summer flowers, Poppys, Hibiscus, roses or Blue Iris.

Tialilly is an online retailer of unique and elegant products for home decorations and they find many customers buy the pull handles for their bathrooms pull switch to add an extra decoration to plain and bland colours in their tolieting facilities. 



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